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If you experience any of the Top Frustrations of Real Estate Agents below, our Halloween Sale’ will take the fright right out of your situation!

We’ll help you STOP the cycle of endless prospecting and STOP falling prey to shiny marketing objects…so you can ATTRACT clients you want to work with every day for the rest of your professional life.

Don’t waste another day, month, or year wishing you’d done things differently.  Now is the time to end the struggle, STAND OUT and claim that #1 spot that should have been yours all along.




Frightening to think about your future? 

Are these the biggest frustrations YOU have when attracting buyers & sellers?

I’ve been conducting calls with real estate agents all over the world for more than two and a half years now. I’ve had a chance to discuss their challenges, goals, dreams, fears and frustrations. It’s been a privilege to speak with so many true professionals and hear about the barriers they feel are holding them back from massive success.

As you can imagine, several frustrations really stand out, and I thought I’d share those with you here (in no particular order). Here goes…

  • Blending in with thousands of agents & struggling to stand out among your competitors
  • Too many marketing choices and not enough time to vet them or use them properly
  • The endless act of prospecting is taking you away from actually doing your job
  • Generating low quality leads who end up to be tire kickers or time wasters
  • Losing business to another agent after you’ve worked hard for your customer

Just one of these will make you feel confused and agitatedand more than one makes you feel like quitting!


 Want to ditch all that and get to the #1 spot in your market?

What would it be like to be the most recognized and sought after agent?

There are two ways to get to the #1 spot in your market: 

  1. Out-SPEND and out-deliver
  2. Out-MARKET and out-deliver

 Both must out-deliver to get to number one.  You have to be exceptional at what you do. 

The folks in the first category are the ones who seem to constantly struggle.  They are just spending…and spending.  And spending.  

The poor ‘spending’ folks are spinning their wheels with an undefined message and a presence that is ho-hum, average, ordinary…and just like everyone else. They are FORCED to spend more money to generate the same (OR WORSE) results as the ones who out-MARKET their competitors.

Yes… #2 has it figured out. They spend money on advertising…but they do so with a CLEAR, DEFINED message. And as a result, their MARKETING is more purposeful.  And they find themselves spending less over time because they simply STAND OUT more.


 The problem is NOT how much you’re spending on advertising. It’s what you’re GETTING OUT OF IT.

And if you’re ready to change that…if you’re ready to keep more of that commission check…and GET MORE out of your advertising, there is a simple formula that will do it.


How These Principles Changed My Destiny…

Just over four years ago, I made a critical decision in my business.  I was at a point in my career that I could work with virtually any type of business or business owner I came in contact with.  Sounds great, right?  Well…by this time, I had been in the marketing world for over 20 years, and I knew that appealing to ‘everyone’ was a recipe for disaster.

It meant my company (and me) were no longer special.  I didn’t stand out. So I changed my focus and entire marketing strategy.  Instead of doing business with virtually ‘everyone’, I decided to FOCUS on something I had been passionate about for many years (personal branding for people who were the face of their business).  BUT…that shift meant sleepless nights wondering how I’d survive…and stressful days full of agitation and impatience. Because it meant that I’d lose 80% of my business almost overnight.

Know what happened?  I did.  Know what else happened?  Within four months, I had made all that money back, and over the course of the next 12 months, I tripled my income.

Fast forward to today. I have written four books on the power of personal branding and created a program exclusively for real estate agents to help them master the art of becoming the most recognized and sought after agent in their market.

And it was all because I chose to define myself authentically, craft my message directly to my ideal customer…and hold my head high and just ‘put it out there’.

You’ll not only learn from my experience, you’ll learn from my partner, Michael Carr (America’s Top Selling Real Estate Auctioneer), who has over 25 years of experience in real estate sales, auctions and investments. In the book, he shares his own BrandFace journey, as well as his advice for other agents & brokers who would like to achieve the same success he has realized in his own market.

There is a better way…and you can gain access to that information TODAY by taking a $1.00 trial of our BrandFace Backstage Monthly Membership.  See behind the scenes of how we have branded real estage agents across three countries…and the exact principles and strategies we’ve used to do it.

Through your membership, you’ll learn how to Stand Out & Attract Perfect Buyers & Sellers using these training materials, PLUS $575.00 in BONUSES.  We’ll teach you:

✅  How to DEVELOP A LASER FOCUS on your marketing position so you stand out among other real estate agents

✅  How to become a recognized AUTHORITY so you never lose a client to another agent again

✅  How to DRAMATICALLY INCREASE CUSTOMER CONVERSIONS with an unforgettable brand that you can take with you anywhere

✅  How to ELIMINATE THE FRUSTRATIONS of ‘spray and pray’ advertising and attract customers who are ready to work with you NOW

✅  How to create an image that will position you as a recognizable and SOUGHT AFTER AGENT & expert worth your weight in commission

You’ll get to see behind the scenes as we have developed personal real estate brands across three countries (and growing).  Learn what it takes to develop a brand so strong that you spend less time prospecting, less money on advertising…and MORE time actually doing the job you love.

Take the first step and gain instant access to download our entire book PLUS get access to over $575.00 in BONUS training videos…for just $1.00!  

So, what’s the catch???

It’s only $1.00 today.  Then…if you like what you see, you’ll have access to our BrandFace Backstage Monthly Membership for just $29/month (and you can cancel at any time).  

If you decide to cancel, you can STILL KEEP the first month’s training (INCLUDING the $575.00 in bonus training) AND the download of the book.  There’s nothing to lose! (well…except technically your $1.00:)

This offer is good for 4 days only!

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What You Receive With Your BrandFace® Backstage Trial Membership:

✅   BrandFace® for Real Estate Professionals book download

✅   “Turning Concerns Into Customers” training video that teaches you exactly what to post on Facebook to get engagement from buyers & sellers who are ready to work with you NOW

✅   “Branding And Your Listing Presentation” training video that shows you how Michael injects his brand into every presentation and has walked away victorious after almost every listing appointment

✅   “Top Sales Secrets” training video that shares the most powerful lessons we’ve learned over the last 28 years to help you make your personal brand–and your approach–unforgettable and profitable

✅   “Live Streaming Video” training video that shows you why this platform is on fire, and exactly how you can use it to boost your own brand and easily connect ‘one-to-many’ in a very personal way

✅   “Top Low-Cost to No-Cost Branding Ideas” training video that tells you the most effective ways to display and communicate your unique brand with little to no money

Total Value (Including BONUS MATERIAL) = $975.00  


Our ‘Halloween’ Sale is our best offer!I’m inviting you to try our membership for 30 days for just $1.00

Nothing would make me happier than to help you gain more confidence in your brand and marketing approach than ever before.

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And as soon as you begin your $1.00 trial, you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the full book. You’ll get instant access to the book and concept that has attracted real estate agents across 3 countries.  On that same page, you’ll also enter your preferred email address so we can create your login for your membership site…, where you’ll find over $575.00 in BONUS training videos waiting for you!

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Every month, we’ll add new training videos to your membership site from our library of over 75 videos in 20 different categories (prospecting, sales, social media marketing, printed marketing materials, email marketing, and many more!), all designed to help you better define, develop and display your unique brand on every possible marketing platform (paid or free)!

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Hear for yourself the difference a strong brand can make: 

“I knew I needed to present myself differently to attract the kind of clients I wanted…I’m going into contract with my first $1 million listing, and also just received a $5 million referral.”
“I just received a $1.1 million dollar referral.  I’ve never taken a listing at this level after 23 years of being in the business.”
“I just received the top sales award for the Better Homes & Gardens Emerald Coast franchise.”


Get Your $1.00 Trial Now and gain access to download our entire book PLUS over $500 in BONUS training videos!

and how you see yourself

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